ThinkSport After Sport Lotion EWG Verified

ThinkSport After Sport Lotion EWG Verified

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ThinkSport - After Sport Lotion EWG Verified - 236.6 237 ml Millilitres - NPN: -- Since 2006, Thinksport has been creating safe products for people of all ages. We are excited to now introduce a simple and effective lotion for you to use and spread the word about. Whether you're an athlete or just enjoy the active lifestyle, Thinksport After Sport Lotion is packed with cooling ingredients that help recover your skin after a hard workout. Despite what a lot of companies might like to say, lotion will not help you: Turn into a commercial model Burn lots of calories Make people re-rack their weights Prevent other from seeing you check yourself out in the mirrorHowever, our products are guaranteed to provide your skin premium care ingredients free of biologically harmful chemicals. Completed EWG Verified certification and meets the strictest standards for your health.