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RM-10 Ultra 120 Immune support

Garden of Life

RM-10 Ultra 120 Immune support


RM-10 is Garden of Life’s original mushroom formula made with a unique combination of 10 fermented mushrooms along with Cat’s Claw and fermented selenium, and is designed to support healthy immune system function.

RM-10 is a combination of 10 tonic mushrooms that have been specially selected for their superior genetic heritage and then carefully cultivated to ensure they maintain their integrity and potency. Mushrooms included are Maiitake mycelia; Shiitake mycelia; Reishi mycelia; Coriolus Versicolor mycelia; Bionectria ochroleuca mycelia; Wolfiporia cocos mycelia; Hericium Erinaceus mycelia; Formitopsis Cajanderi mycelia; Tremella fuciformis mycelia; and Agaricus Glazei mycelia. This proprietary blend is synergistically balanced with Cat’s Claw and Poten-Zyme Selenium, a highly absorbable form of selenium. Selenium supports immune cell function and response.

RM-10 Immune System Food Benefits

  • Is Immune System Food
  • Contains 10 tonic mushrooms
  • Supports immune cell function and response

Suggested Use

Adults may take 1 caplet twice a day. Not intended for children.

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