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Zorah Mascara Length and Care - 8 ml

Zorah biocosmétiques

Zorah Mascara Length and Care - 8 ml


  • Strengthens and lengthens your lashes
  • Enriched with organic Argan oil
  • Ellongates and defines each lash with a full 360° coverage
The twin helix brush and its 3D spheres perfectly sculpt each lash with a full 360° coverage.
Opthalmologically tested. Suitable for use with contact lenses. Fast drying.

Organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard
97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
18% of total ingredients are from organic farming


For a lengthening and curvaceous effect, apply the Lengthening Treatment Mascara at the lash base zigzagging upwards. Repeat with a second layer for intensity.


Aqua : Water.

Alcohol Denat* : 100% Natural - 100% Organic – This alcohol derived from certified organic wood is used to give the mascara lift.

Cetearyl Olivate / Sorbitan Olivate : Plant-based emulsifier, 100% Natural and of 100% Plant extracts, derived from olive oil. Allows for solubility of water and oil.

Cetyl Palmitate – Sorbitan palmitate : Fatty properties -100% Natural -100% Plant Extracts– Derived from palm oil– Emulsifier.

Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax* : Carnauba Wax -100% Organic -100% Plant Origin - Carnauba Wax is derived from Palm Tree leaf: Copernicia Prunifera. Hypoallergenic emollient.

Cera Alba* : Bee’s Wax 100% Natural and 100% Organic–producing a natural high quality emollient.

Glycerin : Moisturizer - 100% Natural Humectant – 100% Naturel – 100% Plant Origin - Maintains and preserves moisture on and under skin.
Magnesium Silicate : 100%Natura l- Magnesium Silicate is the sodium found in Magnesium, often referred to as Talc. Used to fix the Mascara.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil* : 100% Natural Argan Oil– 100% Organic– Rich in essential fatty acids, containing Omega-3, Omega 6, flavonoids (antioxidants), sterols, tocopherols, Vitamin E – Argan Oil is a remarkably efficient oil offering essential elements for the regeneration of cells, promoting healthy lips, healing chapped lips, moisturizing and protection from daily exposure to various harmful elements.
Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil* : 100% Organic pumpkin seed oil – 100% Natural – 100% Plant Origin – Natural high-quality emollient rich in Stearic and Linoleic Acid. Leaves skin soft.

Fragrance : 100% Natural - 100% Plant Extracts - Strawberry

Sodium Phytate : Sodium salt of phytic acid, extracted from legumes – 100% natural – Natural chelating agent allowing product stabilization.

Sodium Citrate : Sodium salt of citric acid - Citric acid is natural and found in large quantities in lemons. Natural agent used in Ph stabilization.

Benzyl Alcohol : Synthetic preservative, authorized by Ecocert up to a maximum concentrate of 0.3%.

Salicylic Acid : 100% Natural – Salicylic Acid is a natural preservative extract of Willow tree bark.

Sorbic Acid : 100% Natural - 100% Plant Origin - Sorbic Acid is an extract preservative of the Mountain Ash (Rowan) tree.

Dehydroacetic acid : Synthetic preservative, authorized by Ecocert up to a maximum concentrate of 0.3%.

Sodium Hydroxide : 100% Natural - Often referred to as Lye or caustic soda, it is a solid base used here to regulate the product’s Ph.

Xanthan Gum : 100% Natural - Natural thickener - Increases product viscosity.

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