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ZorahBBB Cream Caramel - 40 ml

Zorah biocosmétiques

ZorahBBB Cream Caramel - 40 ml


  • Moisturizes, illuminates, unifies, mattifies, corrects, smoothes and protects
  • Reduces redness
  • Tightens pores, redesigns features
BIOrganic Beauty Balm!, "Beauty Balm" Cream.  It is also a 2 in 1 cream, or rather 7 in 1 in the case of Zorah's BBB Cream: Hydrates + Illuminates + Unifies + Mattifies + Corrects + Smoothens + Protects. 

Because of its Argan oil base, wich is a powerful antioxidant, BBB Cream reduces redness and slows down the ageing process. BBB Cream also regulates the skin and deeply moisturizes. Its Light Capture® self-adapting pure mineral pigments revitalize the skin, leaving a natural, healthy glow. Skin texture improves thanks to suberin, a molecule extracted from cork which tightens pores, redesigns features and smoothens out lines. With its light, non-greasy texture, BBB Cream is easy to apply, penetrates rapidly, and leaves a pleasant, refreshing feel.

Natural cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife.
98% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
9% of total ingredients are from organic farming


Use alone for a "nude" effect, as an illuminating make-up base or primer, or as a complement to your day cream.
Apply using your fingertips in a circular motion, apply light pressure from outside moving inward, or with the use of a foundation brush or sponge.
For all skin type.


Aqua : Water.

Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate : 100% Natural – Derived from glycerols found in esters, glyceryls are dervided from glycerides, fatty agents found in vegetable oils and butters. They are used here as emulsifiers.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil* : 100% Natural Argan Oil– 100% Organic– Rich in essential fatty acids, containing Omega-3, Omega 6, flavonoids (antioxidants), sterols, tocopherols, Vitamin E – Argan Oil is a remarkably efficient oil offering essential elements for the regeneration of cells, promoting healthy lips, healing chapped lips, moisturizing and protection from daily exposure to various harmful elements.

Simmondiasis Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil : Jojoba seed oil – 100% Natural – 100% Organic – Used for its hydrating properties.

Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate : Formed from the natural reaction of vegetable oil, together with starch and sugar. Acts as a natural emulsifier.

Lauryl Glucoside : 100% Natural Origin – Lauryl Glucoside is also made out of sugar. It is a naturally produced non-ionic emulsifying agent.

Glycerin : Moisturizer – 100% Natural Humectant – 100% Naturel – 100% Plant Origin – Maintains and preserves moisture on and under the skin.

Zea Mays (Corn) oil : 100% Natural – 100% Plant Origin – This corn oil is used as a smoothing agent in the cream.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate : 100% Natural – Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is an entirely natural mineral powder with absorbing properties useful to control product dispersion and absorb sebum.

Nylon 10/10 : Despite the name, nylon used here is surprisingly a polymer of 100% natural origin. Researchers were able to conceive this polymer containing amide compounds, notably olyamide. The name 10/10 explains the number of carbon atoms in the monomers, which when bound, gives us this polymer. It is used as a texture agent and offers a silky feel, reducing glare, and offering smoothness. This in itself is a perfect example of how we can beat the chemical industry without use of any dangerous chemical pollutants both for the body and for the environment.

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil* : 100% Natural – 100% Organic – The oil comes from castor seeds and is 90% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Used here for its extraordinary regenerating properties.

Quercus Suber Bark Extract : 100% Natural – 100% Plant Origin – This amazing active ingredient contains suberin: a lipid biopolymer made of numerous fatty acids. It is the main agent in cork, hence its name Quercus Suber or Cork Oak. This biopolymer has the ability to fasten itself to surface molecules offering the skin a smoothing effect on fine lines.

Aluminum Hydroxyde : 100% Natural – This fine powder of unrefined and non-toxic aluminum is used as an opacifying agent.

Isostearic Acid : 100% Natural Origin – A Fatty substance derived from coconut oil it is a natural binding agent and promotes binding different pigments.

Polyhydroxystearic Acid : 100% Natural Origin – Part of the stearic acid family, present in large quantities in vegetable based oil and butter. Polyhydro is a reference to its molecular structure which is made up of a chain of hydrostearics (hydrogenated stearic acid). This particular structure gives it natural dispersant qualities, allowing for better dispersal of mineral pigments.

Silica : 100% Natural – 100% Mineral Origin – Silica is a mineral powder ranging in size from 5 to 7 microns. Used here as a natural lubricant allowing for a smooth application as well as maintaining hydration.

Alumina : 100% Natural – 100% Mineral Origin – Also known as aluminum oxide. Natural mineral powder used as an anti-agglomerant.

Lavandula hybrida oil : 100% Natural – 100% Organic – Lavender Essential Oil. One of the 3 main ingredients in Zorah’s fragrance.

Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil : 100% Natural – Pure Mint Essential Oil. One of the 3 main ingredients in Zorah’s fragrance.

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil : 100% Natural – 100% Organic – Orange Essential Oil. One of the 3 main ingredients in Zorah’s fragrance.

Sodium Phytate : Sodium salt of phytic acid, extracted from legumes – 100% Natural – Natural chelating agent allowing product stabilization.

Sodium Citrate : Sodium salt of citric acid – Citric acid is natural and found in large quantities in lemons. Natural agent used in Ph stabilization.

Benzyl Alcohol : Synthetic preservative authorised by Ecocert up to a maximum concentrate of 0.3%.

Salicylic Acid : 100% Natural – Salicylic Acid is a natural preservative extract of Willow tree bark.

Sorbic Acid : 100% Naturel – 100% Plant origin – Sorbic Acid is an extract preservative of the Mountain Ash (Rowan) tree.

Dehydroacetic acid : Synthetic preservative authorised by Ecocert up to a maximum concentrate of 0.3%.

Xanthan Gum : 100% Natural – Natural thickener – Increases product viscosity.
Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxyde : 100% Natural – 100% Mineral Origin – Mineral powder colors used in Zorah BBB Creams. Pink, beige or brown iron oxides to the light filled Mica or the white titanium Dioxyde, Zorah reproduces the colors of a healthy complexion, beaming with a healthy glow.

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