AOR Advanced B Complex Ultra (60 tabs)

AOR Advanced B Complex Ultra (60 tabs)

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AOR - Advanced B Complex Ultra - 60 Time release Tablet(s) - NPN: 80068201 -- Award-winning formula plus brain support, in a time-release tabletTime-release formula allows for improved absorptionOptimal doses of the most effective and biologically active forms of B vitaminsAntioxidant PQQ for support of cardiovascular, cognitive health and energyThree types of B12Time-release minimizes niacin flushAdvanced B Complex Ultra is based on Advanced B Complex®, our award-winning favourite, with additional benefits for heart health, brain health, and energy. Advanced B Complex Ultra utilizes time-release technology to enhance absorption and provides the full spectrum of B vitamins, some of them in multiple forms, for superior efficacy in the body.Advanced B Complex Ultra is formulated with niacin, the most active form of vitamin B3, and the most effective for heart health and cholesterol. It contains a safe dose of slow-release niacin to minimize the sensation of flushing. Advanced B Complex Ultra is unique in that it also contains Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a B-vitamin-like nutrient that helps support brain health.Advanced B Complex Ultra is perfect for anyone looking to get beyond the standard benefits of B vitamins.