PRAIRIE NATURALS Bone 2: 1 Solution (500 ml)

PRAIRIE NATURALS Bone 2: 1 Solution (500 ml)

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PRAIRIE NATURALS - Bone 2: 1 Solution - 500 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 80046451 -- Most popular 2: 1 ratio calcium & magnesium Supports relaxation and good sleep patterns Regulates muscle and nerve impulses Helps prevent osteoporosis Helps regulate heart beat Prevents muscle cramps Contains vitamin D3 Fast-acting liquid Relieves PMS Yeast-free Calcium deficient? At high risk for osteoporosis? Prairie Naturals Bone Solution 2:1 is a scientifically formulated liquid blend of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for maximum absorption and improved utilization. These nutrients are bound to the water molecule creating a solution that is readily available to your body for maximum benefits. Bone Solution 2:1 is simple to take and easy to absorb Bone Solution 2:1 helps to prevent bone resorption and osteoporosis; regulate muscle and nerve functions; support relaxation and good sleep patterns; relieve PMS, muscle cramps and leg cramps; regulate heart beat. Mixes easily in water or your favourite juice. Sodium benzoate-free. Yeast-free. Simple to take. Easy to absorb. Fast-acting.