NOW Organic Orange Oil (30 ml)

NOW Organic Orange Oil (30 ml)

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NOW - Organic Orange Oil - 30 Millilitre(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- 100% PURE, CERTIFIED ORGANIC ORANGE OIL DERIVED FROM FRESH ORANGES. Orange oil is one of the best aromatics for the beginner. Besides lending a quality ambiance to any environment, orange oil is basically foolproof to use. It mixes well with many essential oils, plus softens and warms up the blend. It also has a variety of therapeutic uses, from relaxing mind and spirit to boosting circulation to protecting wood. It's user-friendly in nature, and inexpensive to keep on hand. Cold pressing and solvent free extraction give you a pure, pollutant free essential oil. Did you know that it takes 100 pounds of oranges to make only 1 pound of orange essential oil? It's true; this is what makes Now's pure orange oil so refreshing and invigorating