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CARLSON Super Omega 3 (100 + 30 sgels)

CARLSON Super Omega 3 (100 + 30 sgels)

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Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems, the ultimate source of vital omega-3s EPA and DHA. Specially formulated for those lacking oily fish in their diet, our pescetarian-friendly soft gels bridge the nutritional gap, ensuring your heart, brain, vision, and overall well-being are nurtured with nature's best.

Why Choose Super Omega-3 Gems?

  • Cardiovascular Care: Promotes heart health by balancing cholesterol levels, raising good HDL, and reducing bad LDL.
  • Cognitive Clarity: Supports brain function for heightened focus and mental clarity.
  • Visionary Vision Support: Aids in maintaining sharp and healthy vision.
  • Blood Glucose Balance: Contributes to healthy blood glucose levels for overall wellness.
  • Unrivaled Freshness & Quality: From sea to store, we guarantee the freshness, potency, and purity of our omega-3s, sourced from the deepest cold waters using sustainable methods.

Key Ingredients for Your Health:

  • Fish Oil: Each soft gel delivers 1000 mg of the highest quality fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pure and Simple: Our formula is complemented by natural gelatin, glycerin, and tocopherols, ensuring a pure, wholesome intake.

Sustainability Meets Efficacy: Committed to both your health and the environment, Carlson ensures all Super Omega-3 Gems are derived using traditional, sustainable methods. This dedication not only supports your wellness journey but also preserves the natural world.

Incorporate Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems into your daily routine and experience the profound benefits that come from a balanced, omega-3 rich diet. Our commitment to your health is as deep as the oceans from which we source our fish oil—let us be part of your journey to a healthier heart, sharper mind, and clearer vision. NPN: 80005548

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