T-ZONE Health SKIN Essential Oils (3 x 10 ml)

T-ZONE Health SKIN Essential Oils (3 x 10 ml)

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T-Zone - SKIN Essential Oils 3 x 10 ml - 1 3 x 10 ml Packs - NPN: 00000000 -- T-Zone Health Skin theme set of 3 10 ml 100% pure wildcrafted essential oils frankincense, jasmine and rose in a hemp and polyester travel pouch.Wildcrafted means plants gathered from the wild, grown without pesticides.Looking for beautiful skin? Essential oils to the rescue! Frankincense is great for anti-aging, jasmine is wonderful for moisturizing, and rose can be used for oily skin. Always use a carrier oil. These oils can also be used in a diffuser, a scent locket, or for a gorgeously scented massage.