CANPREV Healthy Heart™ (120 caps)

CANPREV Healthy Heart™ (120 caps)

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CanPrev - Healthy Heart - 120 Vegetable Capsule(s) - NPN: 80028320 -- The heart is an amazing muscle about the size of your fist. The right side takes in blood and pumps it to the lungs and the left side does the reverse. The heart beats an astounding 100, 000 times a day and pumps just over 7, 500 litres of blood through an average adult body daily.A beating heart pumps blood through the circulatory system, a complex tangle of vessels that carries blood through the body. Arteries, capillaries and veins are three types of blood vessels that provide almost 97, 000 kilometers of tubing for blood to flow through.A bounteous, red heart is the universal symbol of life and love. Without it wed have neither. The heart is a complex organ and is susceptible to damage and injury. Thats why its important to protect it and keep it as healthy and strong as possible.Healthy Heart is a comprehensive nutritional formula designed to address cardiovascular issues, such as elevated blood lipid levels in adults.Healthy Heart combines an impressive 200 milligram dosage of the heart-specific antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 with a rich blend of polyphenols, herbs and vitamins, shown by research to aid in the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function.