PURE LAB Bioactive B12 Methylcobalamin (5000 mcg - 60 tabs)
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PURE LAB Bioactive B12 Methylcobalamin (5000 mcg - 60 tabs)

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Pure Lab Vitamins - Bioactive B12 Methylcobalamin - 60 Sublingual Tablets - NPN: 80094866 -- VITAL FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN, NERVOUS SYSTEM, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM AND OXYGEN CARRYING RED BLOOD CELLS.Methylcobalamin is the biologically-active form of vitamin B-12. Absorption of this essential vitamin depends on adequate production of intrinsic factor, secreted by a healthy stomach. However, neither dietary sources nor ordinary supplements containing vitamin B-12 will help an individual with low / no intrinsic factor secretion. Again, low stomach acid secretion and some auto-immune disorders are just some of the factors that can reduce the secretion of this special substance.Pure Lab Vitamins BioActive B-12 provides 5000mcg of methylcobalamin per tablet. Taken sublingual (under the tongue) its delivered directly into the bloodstream, making it a more effective, non-invasive and direct way to replenish vitamin B-12 levels. The product is using a natural Strawberry / Kiwi flavour and is sweetened using low amounts of mannitol and xylitol, avoiding the use of sugars and artificial chemical sweetenersOther factors that increase ones requirements for Vitamin B-12 include: Advanced Age Cardiovascular disease and stroke Diabetes Neuropathy Macular Degeneration of the eyes Vega diet Depression Pernicious anemia Auto-immune disorders Celiac disease Crohns Disease