Atkins Ginseng 100% Ontario Ginseng

Atkins Ginseng 100% Ontario Ginseng

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Ginsengs are used around the world for their unique medicinal qualities. North American ginseng root has been used as a remedy and preventative for symptoms of various imbalances and disorders including metabolic and immune diseases. Clinical studies show that North American ginseng root is effective in enhancing the defence mechanisms of the immune system, which makes this herbal medicinal an effective treatment for infections including the common cold and flu. <div class="ingredients-list"> span class="title">Medicinal Ingredients /span> ul class="medicinal"> li> span class="ingredient-name">American ginseng /span> span class="ingredient-amt">480 mg /span> /li> /ul> span class="title">Non-Medicinal Ingredients /span> ul class="non-medicinal"> li> span class="ingredient-name">Gelatin /span> /li> /ul> /div>


Medicinal Ingredients
  • American ginseng480 mg
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
  • Gelatin